SHAVUOT - a holiday celebration in Israel

Shavuot folk dancing Tamar Regional Council
Shavuot commemorates the day when the Israelites received the Torah during their desert wanderings approximately 3,327 years ago, and is the only Jewish holiday mentioned in the Torah without a specific calendar date. It is celebrated 50 days after the end of Passover and is a gala of colour, cuisine (dairy), nature and music.  This holiday is also known throughout the world as Pentecost.   

The communities all over the Tamar region gather in various ways to observe this 'harvest festival'.  This atmosphere of merriment and gaiety, the delicious aromas of dairy food, the music that invities, all ages to get up and dance traditional folk dances,  even the most opposed.  The harvesting of the crops is over, the first fruits of the season are washed and appetizingly displayed on the table with salads, cheeses, pastry dishes and, of course, wine.  

The ceremony revels in lighthearted fun, children giving blessings and thanks to nature, short skits performed by the younger generation and the highlight; a presentation of all the new babies born over the past 12 months.  Water fights with water guns and balloon waterbombs take place on the lawns across the county, families pitching their tents and staying awake all night together watching films on the outdoor screen, danicing, music, good food and social gatherings are all the heart and soul of this beautiful festivity.  

This year we are celebrating with heavy hearts due to the troubles currently in the country.  Nonetheless, good food, family gatherings and appreciation for the good moments in life, this is the time to be strong and remember that nature is our friend and we are thankful for all that it provides for us.



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