New paramedics at Tamar

In normal times - COVID and terror aside - over 2 million visitors travel to the Dead Sea annually. Together with the 2000 residents of the area the need for emergency services grows every year. Read on to find out how the authorities are coping.

Congratulations to the first paramedics and ambulance drivers!

As part of the activities of the Localities Division with the aim of improving health services both in emergencies and routines, a course for medics and community ambulance drivers was opened in cooperation with  Magan David Adom (MDA). This is MDA's first course in the Dead Sea sector.

The motivation for holding the course stems from the fact that there is no hospital near the council area and in light of the fact that many tourists visit the area and it is important to increase the initial response in the area to routine and emergency until medical and evacuation forces arrive.

The course took place in the Tamar region and the residents of the council were also invited to participate, as well as representatives from the hotel sector.

The studies in the course were intensive and challenging, and at the solemn graduation ceremony held at the Neot HaKikar Community Centre, in the presence of Tamar Dead Sea Regional Council Chairman Nir Wanger and MDA Regional Director Menachem Blumenthal, Council Director Ronen Erlich, and Michael Shukron, MDA Chief Instructor, Graduation certificates were awarded, proudly to the  six women and two me who completed the course.

Head of the Community Division Ronen Erlich: "I thank the volunteers who persevered and studied during a difficult period and the MDA for holding the course and training in the periphery as well."

Dead Sea Regional Council Chairman Nir Wanger: "Graduates of the course, which is finally being held in our region, see the great value in volunteering and will now help provide routine and emergency first aid to our residents and domestic tourism in the Dead Sea. As a veteran ambulance driver in the area, this challenging year and I wish everyone a lot of health and that we will not need your knowledge and expertise except at the training exercises. We greatly appreciate the volunteers who took part and completed with honours the course, and are confident that they will integrate and contribute greatly to the residents and visitors in the region.  Congratulations and stay strong.

Paramedics course 1


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