Efeh Recycling Site

Efeh landfill is the largest landfill site in the State of Israel, and disposes of household waste of about 4,000 tons per day. The site is owned and operated by Mateh Efeh and is a Trust of the Tamar Regional Council. It is a modern site that includes t

Currently trash is being transported to the site by truck. In the future, most of the transport will be by rail. The landfilled waste is household waste from the Central Region, Dimona, Yeruham and the Tamar Regional Council area. The site operates in an environmentally friendly way, with the utmost care for a green and ecological environment and for thinking of future generations.

The location for the landfill has many benefits.  It is situated in an industrial area that is relatively far away from sensitive areas (housing developments, retail developments etc.) and due to the great depth of the groundwater in this area, fear of contamination is minimal.  

In addition, the site is located near the sand mining sites in Mishor Rotem, enabling the integration of waste transport to the site, with collection and transport of sand to the center of the country, resulting in cost savings and reducing the volume of traffic on the roads through re-transport.

The site is constantly updating its technology and systems and takes advantage of ‘green systems’ being developed throughout the world.

A biogas collection system is also installed on the site. The gas is collected from landfill cells and is transferred to the torch that burns the gas. In this way, the system allows the emission of air into the landfill biogas which helps to protect the environment and prevents safety and environmental risks. In the near future, a system (generator based) is planned to utilize the biogas collected to generate energy (electricity), thus generating "green" electricity at the site, in addition to direct environmental impact prevention activities.

Efeh Recycling Site

Efeh Recycling Site


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