Reaching out across the globe is a paramount importance to the Tamar Regional Council. We want to know about the world and we want the world to know us. Read on to learn about our latest connections ...


The Tamar Regional Council is no stranger to foreign visitors.  2.5 million people pass along the road 90 annually, of which an extremely high percentage stops off at the various points of interest for anything from a break in the journey to a holiday break of a few days.  The Dead Sea is the highlight, of course, but the climate, the desert,  the tourist resorts,  the nature reserves, the communities, the heritage sites and the stunning views provide a variety of attractions for almost anyone from any walk of life.

The International Relations Department of the council was established 6 years ago with a goal to create strong and mutually beneficial relations with the world.  The exchange of knowledge, culture, industry and education was the basis on which the department was founded and from there it has flourished with an abandonment of boundaries. 

Sister City and Friendship agreements have been built with understanding, motivation and willingness to embrace the countries beyond our borders.  Now, in 2021, we are extending our handshake to the country of Bahrain.  This island, officially a Kingdom, sits in an archipelago of natural and artificial islands in the Persian Gulf and is one of the successful countries in the Middle East. The Tamar Regional Council has reached out to the Economic Development Board (EDB) of the governing office with a view to establishing economic relations through the fields of agriculture and/or waste management.  The EDB has demonstrated an avid interest in creating a liaison with Tamar and we are examining all the possibilities.  There are no hidden agendas, no barriers and endless topics to be discussed with the goal of bringing two peoples to a mutual understanding and tolerance of each other. The hope is that we can all learn and benefit from cultural differences, business practices and management systems.

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