War time, terror time is a terrible experience for anyone. Children especially should never been exposed to violence of any kind - so like so many other places in Israel, the communities of the Tamar Regional Council did what they could ...


This week, the Ein Gedi Hotel opened its doors to guests from the surrounding settlements of Gaza, Ashdod and more. During the visit, guests enjoyed guided tours and workshops.

At the Ein Gedi Hotel, Jews, Muslims and Christians work together in all departments and at all levels of positions. Our guests are members of all religions, and all are received with love.

In the Har Amasa area, neighbors from all over the area went out together to demonstrate unity and partnership in the Negev.

The message in the picture states in Arabic and Hebrew 'LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF', a policy that here at Tamar we encourage whole heartedly.  


As you can see in the pictures below, Bad Kissingen - our wonderful friends - sent pictures of their support for a peaceful solution to the crisis. 

With grateful thanks to Martina, a good friend, we are able to feel the love and kind wishes from so far away.  

Also here is a copy of the letter of support that we received from Mr. Thomas Bold, the Mayor of Bad Kissingen and the reponse from Mr. Nir Wanger, Mayor of the Tamar. 

Letter from Thomas Bold

Letter to Thomas Bold


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