As part of the ongoing development of the Ein Gedi Boarding School, the new school year, September 2021, will see a group of talented artists and creators from all over the country join the youth of the boarding school which will not only enlarge the capacity of the school, but will enrich the quality of learning at the High school considerably.

Forty youths, from the Bikorim Youth Village, recently visited the boarding school and conducted an artistic experiential seminar together with a group of youngsters from the Tamar Region and Megilot Region. The trainees took part in art workshops, musical ensembles, theatre classes and social activities.  

The Bikorim Youth Village, which is situated at 2.5 miles from the border with the Gaza Strip, is moving house!  Until now situated within the boundaries of the Eskol Regional Council they are now relocating the students and creating even more exciting programmes at Ein Gedi.  This world-class arts training academy for high school students, with great artistic potential, takes children from disadvantaged homes throughout Israel. Whatever their previous training or economic background, students at Bikurim learn every day from extraordinary art educators in Israel, accredited by Israel's Ministry of Education  They are training future generations of Israel’s artists at Bikurim with new visions of unity and creativity. 


The programme is an unparalleled social, cultural, and educational model meant to narrow the widening opportunity gaps in Israel for young people. The students come from all backgrounds: cities, small towns, kibbutzim and moshavim from the north to the south of the country.

The seminar was successful thanks to the joint leadership of the students of both Ein Gedi and Bikurim Boarding Schools, who conducted the seminar with great professionalism.




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