A climate control crisis conference took place at the Arad municipal hall this summer as a joint collaboration between three regions.

Regional Climate Conference 2021!

The climate conference of the eastern Negev region convened in Arad, opened with a greeting from the Minister of Environmental Protection, Tamar Zandberg.  The conference was assembled by the collaboration of the Tamar, Arad and Yeruham local government offices.  As part of the conference, a panel was formed for discussion on the climate crisis and was chaired by the national TV weather presenter Sharon Wechsler.

During the conference three climate projects conducted by the future generation were presented. First, eighth-graders from Ein Gedi High School presented the Moringa plant project for water purification, a project in collaboration with the United Nations in which they won first place out of 50 projects.  They were followed by Arad students who presented a game app that criticizes those who pollute the roads. Next up  from Yeruham were11th grade students  who presented a project to grow grasshoppers as an agricultural industry for the food industry in Ethiopia, in order to reduce hunger.

See our article about the Ein Gedi High School students projects 'Moringa plant'.

At the end of the conference came the good news - the three heads of the authorities signed a binding agreement to act to reduce greenhouse gases and write a plan for jointly coping with the climate crisis.

The panel and the signing ceremony were held in front of hundreds of residents who were present in the hall and some of them joined the broadcast on Facebook and Zoom.

The head of the Tamar-Dead Sea Regional Council, Nir Wenger: "The conference is an opening shot for two years of activities that, in addition to raising awareness, will also contribute to tackling the global climate crisis and connect at the regional level. The change begins with a little light that will overcome the darkness!"

Climate conference July 2021 a


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