The Thinking Doing Project sponsored by ICL GROUP is a project that encourages community projects led by residents. Read on to find out what wonderful ventures are taking place at Tamar.

Project # 1: "Clutter in the Yard" Project // Yonit Shamir  

The vision:  To convey to the locals and its visitors a special experience through a walk for the creators who inherit artistic stabilizers and seating areas that convey a sensory experience

Objectives:  Social gatherings in the kibbutz, making the art world accessible to everyone, creating dynamism and creativity among the project participants. An attractive tourist alternative

Project # 2: "Wall Relief Project" // Ronit Rahamim

The vision: to create a ceramic relief in the center of the settlement in cooperation with all the residents to mark the 50th anniversary of the moshav.

The goal:  a joint creation of all the residents of the ceramic seat symbol with the help of a local ceramic artist, accompanied by volunteers and studio staff.

Project # 3: Digital Archive Project // Joyce Grapes

The vision:  to establish a digital archive that presents the story of the establishment and settlement of the moshav. The archive will contain photos, old videos, interviews with the founders

The goal:  to make the settlement story of the session accessible, all materials will be uploaded to digital platforms and will be available to the general public.

Project # 4: "Our Story - Ein Tamar" project // Deganit Ohayon, Oded Keinan, Yardena Ephraim

The vision: to establish observation points from the entrance to the settlement through the levels and to create a hiking trail. Establishment of a residents' museum for the 40th anniversary of the settlement. The creation of the story and the branding of the old settlement as the first settlement point for the preservation of the heritage, the connection between generations and the deepening of the connection between man and place.

The goal: to encourage community growth, strengthen community involvement and the connection between the person and the place. Preserving the unique landscape and environment. An intergenerational connection.

Project # 5: "Edible Forest" Project // Karen Barbot, Shai Langford, Meir Sa'ad

The vision: to establish an edible forest for the benefit of the local community with an emphasis on heritage plants, medicinal plants and the benefit of the Land of Israel. A natural green corner, in addition to an ecological contribution, will be an inviting complex for tourists, a place for conducting workshops and more!

The goal: a natural green space that will be a lovely corner for the residents and will provide some of their food needs. Encouraging entrepreneurship of youth to develop the place, experience in farming, construction from natural materials, establishment of a nursery. A place for social activities.

Project # 6: Beekeeping on Mount Amasa // Hagit Peretz, Yonath Murdoch, Yehoshua Pax, Omer Weisbein

The vision: to establish a visitor center, to employ local youths who will deliver workshops and lectures to groups of tourists and visitors.

The goal: to create an active group that strengthens the hives and garden of the nectar plants. Educational activities for all residents around beekeeping in a biodynamic approach.

Promoting an ecological tourist attraction. Establishment of an active educational enterprise as a source of income for its operators. Development of abilities and skills for raising bees.

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