Bar Yehuda air strip.

Established in 1963, the Bar Yehuda airfield is named after the Zionish activist and politican Israel Bar-Yehuda. This small desert airfield is located in the southern Judean desert between Arad and Ein Gedi. It is just 4.2 km. from the famous Masada fort

The lowest airfield in the world sits at -386 metres on the shores of the Dead Sea. It is located between Ein Gedi and Masada and until recently has been used for tourist purposes only: sightseeing flights over the Judean Desert, and emergency or VIP landings.

But the future is looking bright for this airplane haunt!  The Economic Company of the Tamar Regional Council operates the airfield and is responsible for its future development.  Plans are already in the making for operating a Parachuting School on site which will enable parachuting in the area for visitors – the views from up there will be STUNNING!  The terminal has already had a major facelift with new facilities for pilots, snack shop and lounge for visitors.  The foundations and visual development are currently being invested in and there are long term plans for a runway extension.  Presently the runway is 1200 metres long but the extension will mean that international flights will be able to land. This would be a tremendous boost for tourists; Tel Aviv – Dead Sea – Eilat and Europe direct to the Dead Sea!  The options are literally as high as the sky!

planes at Bar Yehuda air strip

Bar Yehuda air strip

Bar Yehuda air strip



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