Consulate General of Israel to Bavaria makes an overnight visit to the Dead Sea

Bavria, home of Bad Kissingen, our twin city of 25+ years, is important to Tamar, for obvious reasons. So when the Consulate General decides to visit the Dead Sea before she takes up the post, the honour is all ours.

Mrs. Carmela Shamir, Consulate General of Israel to Bavaria, popped down to the Dead Sea this month to learn, observe and discuss opportunities before taking up her post at the end of August.  

The visit was one of enormous success.  Met by Alison Ron from the International relations department, Carmela and her family arrived at the Ein Gedi Hotel and straight away started asking questions about sinkholes, climate, agriculture, tourism and so on, the list is endless.

After a drive along the shores, and a detailed explanation of simply everything from the closure of the Ein Gedi Spa to the new development at Ein Bokek, including a few personal tales of highly respected members of the Tamar community, a glass of wine was in order at the hotel bar. 

At dinner the Mayor of Tamar, Mr. Nir Wanger, joined us all and then the in depth discussions began.  Ideas were flowing like water from the tap.  Mainly on climate projects, cooperation with Jordan (something very close to our hearts here) and projects with youth regarding agriculture.

The Tamar Regional Council would like to thank Mrs. Carmela Shamir for her courtesy and interest in our region and we wish her, and her family, all the very best for the future and the new chapter in her career.

In the picture: exchange of gifts, a salt sculpture, from Mr. Nir Wanger.

Mrs Carmela Shamir



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