The schools are back, the children are ready and excited, the teachers are fully prepared and the parents are anxiious to return to normality.

PRIMARY SCHOOL - NEVE ZOHAR (in the name of Yoav Givaty)

On the morning of September 1, as every year, we received with excitement and joy the elementary school students. This was not just an ordinary 'return to school' year, it was a day of particular celebration for all the children and teachers (and parents!:) ) who have had over a year of disrupted education, social gatherings and events.  The children were overjoyed to see each other once again and meet their teachers, old and new, after such a long break.

The school opened, as is traditional, with a ceremony for the first graders, who, with great excitement, had come from all the settlements of the Tamar Region.  Twenty-eight new students in total enrolled in the primary school this year and that is a great boost.  For the first time ever, the first grade was divided into two classes!!  

The mayor of the council, Mr. Nir Wenger, and the director of the education department, Ms. Shoshi Oron, greeted the children and their parents in the hall and gave moving speeches at the ceremony.

The principal of the school Mr. Amit Gish said: "I would like to wish us all a happy new year, and thank from the bottom of our hearts all the school staff for their dedication and hard work, and the parents for their trust and courageious partnership."

May it be a year of health and a learning routine, of joy and of countless experiences that will never be disrupted!!! 


Unfortunately, due to administrative and a little political issues, the school didn't open on 1st September.  But, all has been sorted out now, and the children are back on track to start school on 5th September.  The school has been renovated, updated and has got a fresh lick of paint, all ready for the old and new scholars to get back to a normal and productive school life.  

Elementary school new year 2021


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