The sweet taste of farming at the saltiest place on earth

MEET THE EVAN'S!!! A young couple, 1982, dreaming of a 'different' life, fall in love with the Dead Sea and its environment, terrain and lifestyle. The passion of this couple can be tasted in their produce! Read on to find out how.

Jenny and Yoel

We all take for granted the amazing agricultural produce, it should be noted, that is produced here in Tamar. Have you ever thought to yourself, how difficult and challenging is it to be a farmer in one of the hottest and driest places in Israel? Join us on the journey of the farmers in the Tamar Regional Council - the difficulties, the challenges, but most importantly - the satisfaction and love for the land.

Meet Yoel and Jenny Even, from Moshav Ein Tamar and one of the first settlers!

Yoel and Jenny arrived in Ein Tamar in 1982, along with two other friends from Kfar Zilber.
Yoel grows dates with the help of his dear wife, who also conducts guided tours of Sodom Square, and together the huge love for the area and sense of purpose for their being there can be felt in the air.  

Yoel, a charming man who knows every grain of land in the region and at first glance at a piece of farmland, Yoel knows whether it is worthwhile to farm it or not. Yoel talks about the challenges and difficulties he encountered from his earliest days as a farmer in Ein Tamar which is first and foremost, the land, "Our soil is dry and saline and is known to be one of the most difficult soils to grow crops on."

Another challenge is the Israeli government, which does not always go hand in hand with farmers to say the least. At first, Yoel's workers were from the Bedouin communities, but suddenly, the state decided it was easier for them to pay them unemployment benefits rather than ferry them around the country to various employment locations. Now with no choice, Yoel employs Thai workers. As a very veteran farmer (40 years of hard labour should not be taken for granted ...), there are some great ideas to solve the problem of farmers in the area, and he claims - it must happen quickly: "24 hours we were without social networks and the world almost went crazy. What will happen when there are not enough fruits and vegetables for all citizens? Food safety first. "
Aside from the difficulties and challenges Yoel has been facing for 40 years, he and his wife are still here and really not going to leave! The satisfaction and love for the area in which they live is simply rooted in them like the palm trees they grow.

Jenny and Yoel Eva


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