Tamar Regional Council invites you to a unique running experience in the lowest place in the world.



Friday - 4.2.2022 - Ein Bokek Israel

If you add 5000 competitors + thousands of spectators + hundreds of staff + 50 kilometres of track what number do you reach?

Answer = NO. 1 The best Marathon EVER.

in spite of Omicron and threats of bad weather the marathon took off at 06:00. An AMAZING day for all. The stunning views, the great atmosphere, the professionalism of the organizers and a track that surfs the sea’s surface, speckled with salt formations. What more could one ask for.?

50 km The Ultra Marathon (the only one in Israel)

42.2 km

21 km.

10 km.

5 km.

A track suitable for any age, any ability, any aptitude.


And, perhaps the icing on the cake, that despite the Omicron and the restrictions and difficulties, three jouranlists from abroad came to report: 

Xavier from Spain, Elana from Russia and Lorenzo from Italy.  Thank you to you all for attending our event and hope to see many more journalists in the future.

Lorenzo, Elana and Xavier Marathon 2022


The Dead Sea Land Marathon took place for the third year and  offered the 5000 !!! participants a unique running experience in areas they have never run in before, alongside ancient salt crystals, in front of the magical desert landscapes and on the eastern border of Israel. All runners started in the east, straight onto the sea towards Jordan, on a dirt embankment that has never before been trodden on and which has been specially adapted for the benefit of marathon participants. All routes are circular, with minimum asphalt and maximum view.

The State of Israel has been a pioneer in dealing with the COVID-19 plague for over a year and a half, and was the first to vaccinate adults and later adolescents and therefore was also the first to emerge from the various Corona waves.

In Israel they have learned to live with the COVID and life continues alongside the plague, the State of Israel has begun the policy of opening the heavens and the rules of arrival in Israel are clear. This is an opportunity to come, run and travel at the lowest place in the world while maintaining your health.

Competition distances:

5 km. – a comfortable running and walking route for those who enjoy the running experience.

● 10 km. – running on the dike out to the sea and returning along the new Dead Sea promenade.

21.1 km Half marathon – fast and flat track, in the name of Tomer and Giora Ron.

● 42 km marathon - a flat marathon around the southern Dead Sea basin, sponsored by Veridis Israel.

● 50 km Ultra Marathon – The Israeli championship 50 km distance sponsored by HOKA shoes.


The highlight of the race is a run towards the centre of sea on the border embankment of the Dead Sea Works that surrounds the southern part of the Dead Sea. Only once a year do the security forces permit use of the dikes for sporting purposes and this gives the runners the opportunity to discover breathtaking views that have so far been observed by employees of the Dead Sea factories or security personnel.

The embankment serves as the border area between the Israeli Dead Sea and the Jordanian Dead Sea and passes as a fence without a barrier between the countries, which maintains a common and peaceful daily routine between the two sides. The route is mostly on a compacted and flat fine gravel area. The event will be secured by security forces - police and army.

The race took place with the assistance and support of the Israel Chemicals Company, the Dead Sea Drainage Authority and the Government Dead Sea Protection Company.

In addition

  • Vacation packages - special benefits for runners in a variety of Ein Bokek hotels.
  • Transportation for runners - buses from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem for those interested in arriving on the morning of the race.
  • A weekend full of experiences - lectures, yoga at sunset, after party on Friday and a release run on Saturday.
  • EXPO - a professional and well-established fair with all the well-known sports and lifestyle brands.
  • International event - a colorful occasion alongside hundreds of runners from around the world.
  • Professionalism – a race officially recognized by the AIMS standard mark and by the Athletics Association. The distances of the routes are planned and authorized by a certified surveyor.

The Dead Sea Land Marathon has grown from the foundations of the old Ein Gedi Race, which for over 30 years hosted tens of thousands of runners and was an anchor point in the annual race calendar of amateurs and professionals from all over the country who were addicted to the magical and quiet landscape. As a continuation of the commemoration project from the end of the half marathon, an event will be held in memory of Tomer and Giora Ron, members of Kibbutz Ein Gedi.

The race producers offer accommodation packages tailored to runners at attractive prices in a variety of hotels in Ein Bokek, including packages for one night only. Some hotels have medical centers that specialize in medical tourism.

The Dead Sea Land Marathon is professionally recognized and a standard mark by the World Long Distance Running Association AIMS and the Israeli Athletics Association, and the distance measurements are carried out by a certified surveyor.

Tamar Regional Council and Forum Productions held an international marathon that has established itself as a mandatory race on the Israeli race calendar! Running on the all-encompassing route and crossing the Dead Sea, alongside ancient salt crystals and facing the magical and famous desert landscapes.

Mr. Nir Wanger, Head of the Tamar Regional Council, Dead Sea,

“During the COVID period, we opened a green island that served as a pilot and example for many countries that visited us and explored the area. We are proud to hold the Dead Sea Land Marathon, in the State of Israel, which is in the throes of treating the corona plague, and has opened a gateway for tourists. Running in our beautiful and special marathon on salt encrusted embankments and between intoxicating landscapes with clean air saturated with high oxygen content. "


The organizers: Forum Productions, which operates on behalf of the Tamar Regional Council.

Tourism: Stav Semante, 052-2786700

Professional fair management and exhibitors: Tesia Ayalon Expo Sports Company

Prices: Registration prices will range from 110 NIS to 340 NIS, depending on the requested allotment and the timing of registration.

Acknowledgments: Israel Chemicals Company, Government Dead Sea Protection Company, Veidis Israel, Ein Gedi Water.

Visit the site for further information:

Ofra 10 Km 2022
Medals 2022





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