Tickling the ivories at the Dead Sea.

A street piano has been carefully placed at the new viewpoint overlooking the Dead Sea. The lowest piano in the world lauds over the salty lake where the sounds of silence are interrupted by the sweet trills of the public tickling the keys.

Near the shores of the Dead Sea at Ein Bokek, a special street piano that is resistant to weather, water or dust has been placed on the promenade.

The Dead Sea Tamar Regional Council announced this morning (Thursday) that the operation of bringing and placing a smart street piano made by CADENZA, in the center of the promenade on Ein Bokek beach, has ended, for the benefit of many visitors. The piano is made of concrete, resistant to weather, water and dust, and contains a smart management system that allows it to survive in public space. Watch the special piano on the Dead Sea promenade.

The street piano, which weighs 350 kg, is a unique and original development of the Street Piano Company Ltd. The project was carried out as part of a call from the Tamar Regional Council and with the support of the National Lottery Company.

Nir Wanger, Chairman of the Dead Sea Tamar Regional Council: "We are excited to launch the street piano at Ein Bokek Beach, right on the waterfront and give our many visitors a surprising and original dimension of music, culture and joy that are a central part of the Dead Sea Tamar Regional Council. The millions of visitors to the wonderful Dead Sea region are invited to come and enjoy, play and listen to amateurs and professions alike. "

Piano 4

(Photo: Courtesy of the MA Tamar Tourism Division) 


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