Receipt of the Gender Medal for 2021 on behalf of the We Power Association

WePower the association for empowering women in the public and politcal sphere, held their annual award ceremony this month and Tamar Regional Council was at the top of their list.

WePower is  run by a force of women who promote women’s leadership in Israel.  It is a registered non-profit association that has been operating since the year 2000 to endorse women in decision-making in Israel, especially in the public and political arena.

The Tamar Dead Sea Regional Council was selected to receive the Gender Award for 2021 by WePower.

The gender scale in Israel indicates that at least 40% of all statutory positions in the local authorities are staffed by women or that 40% of all council members are women. Here at Tamar  the statistic is at 46%!

The head of the council, Nir Wanger, was invited to receive the award at a ceremony marking 20 years of activity for the WePower organization, which took place on the evening of Monday, 13th December, 2021.

Our dear colleague, Ms. Ofra Gazit, who has served as the ‘Gender Advisor’ for the past 8 years was presented with the award on behalf of the regional council.  Ofra who is the head spokeswoman for the council and manager of the International Relations department, gives credit to the women who took part in the ‘Leadership of Tomorrow” course which led to the high percentage.

אור המגדר לשנת 2021


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