Trapsing around the Judean Desert can be thirsty work. Kibbutz Ein Gedi has the answer to the problem. A coffee house tucked away in an unexpected corner just waiting for visitors.

In the middle of nowhere, on a mountain side lauding over the Dead Sea, nestled in a small corner of Kibbutz Ein Gedi sits a Coffee House. Neria Aber, born on the kibbutz some 30 years ago opened her own coffee shop which offers homemade goodies from cakes and cookies to breakfast and from sandwiches and snacks to cookie kits for children.

Joined with her partner, Yuri, the couple bake, serve and  deliver fare for all occassions.  Lunch boxes for breakfast, sit in and enjoy, takeaway and wish for more, or just pop in for coffee and a chat.  The coffee house  is located in a corner near the regional high school and enjoys the students who visit every day for break time or just to skive a lesson.  

Visitors to this adorable little hideaway are delighted by the rustic decor the amicable ambiance and the delicious cuisine.

Next time you are at the Dead Sea, pop in to Kibbutz Ein Gedi and ask for the Coffee House - you won’t be disappointed.

Coffee House 3

Coffee House 4


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