The lowest place on earth, part of the Great Rift – the longest geological phenomena, the migration route of millions of birds every year, the bedrock of civilization, a rare concentration of unique geographical, geological and environmental conditions, cultural and religious heritage sites and nature reserves. The research and preservation of the rare combination of environmental conditions with the culture and settlement to enrich knowledge and translate it to the welfare of man in the region, in Israel and all over the world. All this while integrating into the environment and safekeeping the natural and historical values and treasures of the region.
Tamar Regional Council, Ministry of Regional Cooperation, Hebrew University, Dead Sea & Arava Science Centre.


At the heart of Kibbutz Ein Gedi, overlooking the Dead Sea and the Moab Mountains of Jordan, lies the regional high school. The school provides a six year education to all local youth from the Dead Sea area and to 70 students from around the country who reside in the local boarding school facilities. It is our intention to incorporate into the school system a cross-cultural group of students from all over the world. We want to bring cultural, linguistic and religious diversity to the classroom, to offer a higher and alternative level of education to national and international students and to encourage professionalism in teaching, studying and future employment. It is our goal to enlighten our students as to the modern world, to encourage personal improvement and cross-cultural understanding.
In addition; we would allow local, national and international youth to gain an in-depth tolerance of each other through communication, education, occupation and recreation, connect with other schools for collaborative project work and offer a comprehensive environmental study programme, utilizing regional facility and exploiting the local, natural and varied environment.

Project based learning is the key for the future of education at the lowest place on earth. Technology of the 21st century has opened up a whole new world of opportunities to really revolutionize the way we pass information on to our children. We have the ability today to give the children themselves the responsibility of their own education. Through project work, group work, choice of subjects, the students will be able to take their own studies to any limit that they wish. This, therefore, enables each and every student to reach his/her full potential according to how much they are prepared to invest in themselves. Gone are the days of frontal dictation by teachers, rote learning and every mind being treated as if it has the same capacity and ability. The students will be guided by professional, specially trained teachers, who will encourage group work, thinking ‘outside the box’ and innovative techniques to reach an in-depth study.

Classrooms are being renovated continuously, computers/tablets available to each and every student, new furbishing, new programmes and curricula, and a new, exciting atmosphere.
The school is for the first time, this year, offering a degree course, on site to all students to get their first degree before finishing school and continuing to National Conscription (as is mandatory in Israel). This specialized programme is being run and supported by the Ministry of Education together with the Hebrew University and will enable the youth an enormous opportunity to ‘get ahead’ in line with the rest of the world. It will open doors for them to study at top universities abroad and widen their horizons quite considerably.