Regional Emergency Centre at Neve Zohar

Regional Emergency Centre at Neve Zohar
Neve Zohar is a communal town, which serves as the administrative centre of the Tamar Regional Council. It is home to the regional council’s offices, including all departments, a regional elementary school and an old fire station. At present the tourism sites along the shores of the Dead Sea in this area are undergoing a serious upgrade with the addition of up to 5000 rooms (hotels), over the next 10 years. The upgrade of the tourist area requires the construction of a regional emergency and rescue services centre as part of the effort to strengthen the Neve Zohar community. The need for a single centre for the critical functions, is also especially evident considering the 139 residential units currently under construction and will be constructed adjacent to the regional council’s buildings. The regional centre will feature a new state-of-the-art fire station (financed by the Fire and Rescue Authority), a Magen David Adom station for first aid services, and a regional police centre for handling internal security matters. A medical centre, which will function as an emergency room, is also planned. In addition, a regional emergency and rescue call centre will be connected to the security cameras located at tourist sites.
The entire complex will operate as a single, coordinated unity offering security and rescue response to all incidents, both routinely and emergencies.
The cost of the project – which involves the construction of about 1,000 sq.m. of built-up space – excluding the fire and rescue station, is approximately 10 million ILS.

Ein Gedi Rescue Team
Located at the lowest point on earth, its headquarters within the grounds of Kibbutz Ein Gedi, is a team of enthusiastic volunteers. Young and slightly older, these people are ready at any hour in any day to climb the mountains to rescue distressed travellers who have veered off the mapped paths
and are ‘missing’ in the Judean Desert area. This area is extremely unstable due to the perilous conditions such as the climate, wild animals and arid desert setting.

The team was founded in the mid-1970’s by Eli Raz who was Ein Gedi field school administrator and is, today, the leading geologist at the Dead Sea and Arava Research Centre. He is an expert in the field of ‘sinkholes’ which also present major problems along the Dead Sea shore. The team comprises of approximately 30 persons, mostly from Ein Gedi and have established a pre-military course named ‘Salt of the Earth’ for approximately 15 youths.

Over the last few years the team have dealt with approximately 25 rescues annually. All the activities of the rescue team are on a volunteer basis.



  • Education of the area – Knowledge of the
  • Natural Environment
  • Rescue from the Dead Sea (Pool 5)
  • Locating tourists – Rescue from flooding,
    sinkholes and Sodom Mountain Caves
  • Medical Assistance
  • Evaluation of Earthquakes
  • Assistance to Masada Cable Car

The Rescue Team constantly strives to save lives and help people in distress at the heart of the Judean Desert. The unit’s activities are based on training and education but require technological equipment and special vehicles. The cost of the required equipment is very high and the nature of the activities incur high wear and tear and expensive maintenance. All rescue operations are
performed 365 days a year, night and day, and usually under extreme difficult climate conditions. The team’s workforce is made up of volunteers only and therefore all financial support is for investing in equipment and vehicles.