What could possibly happen at this serene and calm area?  Why, on earth do we need Safety and Rescue? 

The Tamar region is prone to some very extreme climate phenomena.  Flooding, high heat, arid conditions in the mountains and drowning – yes, drowning – in the Dead Sea. So at Ein Gedi there is a rescue team.  A group of volunteers for the past 30 + years have been called out at all times of the day and night to various types of rescue services.  Hikers who have lost their way,  or become dehydrated from the heat, or fallen in a crevice in the mountain, bathers who have floated out too far and tried to stand up, lost their balance and swallowed some water (this can be dangerous), flash floods that push vehicles off the road, engulf hikers in the desert and even endanger the lives of the desert animals.  The team, together with other local rescue services are always on standby to get everyone and everything home safe and sound.