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    Bikurim – Ein Gedi Art and Music programme

    Bikurim (excellence in Art and Music), a programme that joined the Ein Gedi in recent years. The students brought passion and dedication to the general environment and have integrated beautifully in the school and kibbutz communities.


    In the previous article about the Ein Gedi Boarding School, reference was made to the wonderful Bikurim boarding school (excellence in music and art) that was moved to Ein Gedi and was assimilated as part of the existing boarding school. Here we are happy to share with you a taste of the exciting works created from their last seminar!

    An art track focused on the topic of “masks”, and explored the tradition of using a mask, which has accompanied humanity since the beginning of time, whether for ritual, religious or holiday purposes.

    For three days, the talented students worked with a variety of techniques and created giant festive masks which they presented in an impressive procession at the end of the seminar. The workshop was led by Merav Kamel, Khalil Belvin, Miki Kidar and trainees from the Ein Gedi debut art major programme.

    Ein Gedi high school and boarding school.

    Association for the Advancement of Education – Excellence, Leadership, Innovation.

    Tamar Regional Council.

    The Administration for Settlement, Boarding and Youth Education – Ministry of Education..