Located approximately 50 km from Jerusalem in the north and Arad in the south THE DEAD SEA is the lowest place on earth and part of the Great Rift. It is the longest geological phenomena, the migration route of millions of birds, the bedrock of civilization and boasts a rare concentration of unique geographical, geological and environmental conditions as well as cultural and religious heritage sites and nature reserves.

The Tamar Regional Council governs the southern end of the Dead Sea that spans an area of 1.650 km². Over 2,000.000 people from all over the globe visit the Dead Sea annually and the site was recently a serious contender in the Wonders of the World competition. Six independent communities have grown up along the shores of the famous lake, making their daily income from agriculture, tourism and light industry. As families strive to grow and develop in this unique region, with a climate of very little rainfall, 324 days of sunshine and maximum temperatures of 50 degrees centigrade, it is indeed a very challenging way of life.

Mother nature designated the area as a habitat for various forms of flora and fauna, some of which are endangered and therefore an absolute necessity to preserve and develop. Demographically the area is challenging because of the extreme climatic conditions, the limited resources such as water and electricity, and so little employment. All this combined with the receding shore line of the Dead Sea, the main attraction of the area which is in great danger of disappearing, creates a chasm of opportunities for development, education, unique research and environmental growth.

At present there are over 15 hotels on the Dead Sea shore – about 3850 Rooms – that offer rest and relaxation at the world’s largest open-air spa. The benefits of the climate, the minerals of the sea and famous black mud for the skin, attracts worldwide travellers for an experience that is second to none. Treatments are offered in all shapes and sizes for all walks of life and this is just one of the many attractions that the area offers to its visitors. Marathons, music festivals and sporting events are just a few of the annual events that are available for all ages, for all cultures and for all tastes. The stunning surroundings of the Dead Sea, desert, mountains, botanical gardens create a true oasis atmosphere and as it is situated 50 km from the nearest major town, the peace and tranquillity aspire to providing a magical, pleasurable and serene experience – THE DEAD SEA LAND.