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    Dead Sea Marathon 2024

    Despite the problems in the country at the moment, the Tamar Regional Council is still planning to hold the Dead Sea Marathon in February 2024. Read on to see the reasoning behind the decision.


    There are so many legitimate reasons to cancel major events in Israel in these troubled times.  But, you may be surprised to learn, that there are also many legitimate reasons as to why NOT to cancel major events in these trouble times.

    The Dead Sea region, especially Ein Bokek where the marathon takes place annually, has been hosting in its 15 hotels over 10,000 evacuees from the south and north of Israel.  This region is SAFE!  The region has invested a lot of time, money and effort on not only providing basic facilities for the evacuees such as education, health clinics, banking facilities and much more but also entertainment, social activities and sporting events.

    Our biggest annual event is, of course, the Dead Sea Marathon. 7000 participants including over 500 from abroad.  The tracks start from 5 km and reach the ultimate championship track of 50 km.   The 2024 event will be a little different but just as exciting, challenging, professional and satisfying.  Here are some of the questions people have been asking regarding the 2024 race:

    So why register now?

    So that we have a reason to get up in the morning! The early registration creates commitment and helps us get into a training program, reminds us why we get up on the weekend to run at five in the morning and that we have to give it our all in the next event.

    What happens if the race does not take place?

    If in the end, the race does not take place, the participation fee will be fully refunded to all registrants.

    What do I do if I signed up for the race but I want to change tracks?

    The cost of changing to a longer lot is 50 NIS, the change to a shorter lot is free of charge.

    To make the exchange, contact with your full name and the email address with which you registered for the race.

    What if I want to cancel my registration now?

    – Until 12/25/23 you can cancel the registration in full, minus a NIS 10 credit fee.

    – Between the dates 12/26/23 and 01/25/24, 70% of the registration fees will be refunded

    – From 01/26/24 onwards, the registration fees will not be refunded at all.

    To cancel, please send an email to with your full name and the email address with which you registered for the race.

    What about the hotels in the Dead Sea?

    We are in continuous communication with the various hotels in the Dead Sea, in case some of the hotels are not available, we will offer the participants accommodation in another hotel (for pre-registered participants). We will prepare to hold the race even if there are no free rooms in the hotels.

    To cancel your hotel registration, please send an email to with your full name and the email address you used to register for the hotel.

    And one last question – why do you even insist on doing the race?

    Running and sports in general are the best means of releasing tension and creating a sense of control and ability, together we will create a common framework of camaraderie and healing. We will cross the Dead Sea basin and clear our heads in the desert nature. And besides, we have an obligation to the thousands of runners who have already registered and continue to train and prepare.

    In such a confusing time when we move between disappointments and hopes and find it difficult to raise our heads and plan ahead, we invite you to take a deep breath and join us on one of five unique running routes in the lowest place in the world!

    Meet at the dead sea,

    Tamar Regional Council and Forum Productions Company