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    Tamar’s Compassion Shines: Hosting Evacuees from Gaza Strip

    Israel woke up on Saturday morning at 06:29 exactly to a state of war. A devasting war, a war the likes of which has never been seen here in Israel. The Tamar regional council opens its doors and greets with a smile all the evacuees.


    In a display of unwavering compassion and solidarity, the Tamar Council, has opened its doors to host evacuees from the Gaza Strip amidst the recent conflict. This act of kindness and humanity not only showcases the region’s hospitality but also sheds light on the power of communities coming together in times of crisis.

    The Tamar Council, known for its picturesque landscapes and vibrant culture, has become a safe haven for those fleeing the turmoil in the Gaza Strip. The region’s rich history and traditions provide a warm and comforting backdrop for the evacuees who have had to leave their homes behind.

    The council, in collaboration with Residential Resilience Team, has worked diligently to provide shelter, food, and medical assistance to those in need. The hotel area at Ein Bokek, communities of Neot HaKikar and Ein Tamar and of course, Kibbutz Ein Gedi are currently hosting over 4000 evacuees who fled their homes with no more than a handbag and packet of tissues. With their babies under their arms and children holding on to their legs and hands they arrived at the region bewildered, terrified, devastated and emotionally drained.

    A call was made to all Israeli nationals asking for food, money, clothes, supplies, baby necessities, medicines, welfare equipment and much more. Within hours of the request people from all over the country were turning up at the council’s doors with boxes and boxes of ‘stuff’. It is absolutely unbelievable the generosity, willingness, and energy that the Israeli people show in times of crisis. People got in their own cars and travelled long distances from the north to the south just to drop off the care packages of all descriptions for the evacuees.

    The council has arranged various activities throughout the day, the welfare office in on site 24/7 for emotional support, medical staff are on site 24/7 for physical support and the teams of experts in information data are available for any questions or queries.

    The Tamar council would like to thank its residents and businesses for the co-operation, assistance, and on-going support and we are all hoping and praying for a swift end to the war and for peace to be restored to one and all.