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    “The secret of the charm of the Tamar Regional Council – determination and execution of a goal”

    How long does it take to establish a school? 1 year? Two years? How long does it take to establish 2 schools? 5 years? Read on to find out how the Tamar council took just one month, zero to 100, to build two new schools for the evacuees.


    Pini Harush is THE MAN for special tasks at Tamar Council. He was given the task of establishing education services for the evacuees at Ein Bokek Solarium and Neve Zohar. This was an enormous challenge that involved mobilizing the necessary government offices, council budgets and donations for what would normally be a long-winded and tiresome challenge.

    There is no doubt that the Tamar Regional Council will be remembered as one of the most influential authorities during the “Iron Swords” war. Although, to our delight, the centers of combat and the security events took place far from our area, although in regard to the reception of evacuees and social-community organization, it is a council that provided an unforgettable show of strength.

    The school project was successful due to the energy, motivation and cooperation between Tamar Council and the Eshkol Regional Council from the south and whose residents were evacuated in their thousands.

    A complex of mobile classrooms, with lawns and shading was established and working just one month exactly after the atrocities of 7th October. This includes new access roads, pavements, laying of infrastructure for protected areas, electricity, water, sewage infrastructure and a series of other complex operations that all took place ‘in zero time’. Hundreds of school children from primary to senior school were able to continue their education.

    Harush (59), holds the position of property manager and supervision as well as deputy council engineer for over 15 years.

    When asked about the great responsibility placed on his shoulders with the education project and the other projects he is entrusted with, Harush answers demonstratively. “This is my reserve service. It’s true that I beat the choir, but those who toiled non-stop are good people – Jewish, Arab, Bedouin contractors. Everyone volunteered and was willing to work out of hours. We received special permits for unusual work, all so that the project would come to fruition And tendons at record speed.”

    Do you sometimes stop and look back at the unprecedented scope of the council these days?

    “If there’s one thing I’ve learned during this time, it’s that, as the cliché says, ‘nothing stands in the way of the will.’ When we have a task ahead of us and good people who are mobilizing as there are in the Tamar Regional Council, there is nothing that can stop us.

    With a hand on the heart, there is no equal anywhere in Israel for projects of such speed and magnitude. I had the opportunity to work over the years with building suppliers all over the country. To illustrate, we were able to finish the solarium (one school has been established on the grounds of the solarium) project three times faster than any other authority, including authorities significantly larger than us in terms of personnel. All thanks to the determination of the wonderful people here at Tamar, who worked day and night in order to finish the task successfully.”

    What makes the Tamar Regional Council unique?

    “In my department, I can testify to the determination and execution of an extraordinary purpose that exists here, which is also the secret of the magic of this place. The war period proved that we can overcome the bureaucracy of the day-to-day, which in the spirit of these days simply disappeared as if it did not exist. This is evidence that with good will it is possible To shorten procedures and reduce the bureaucracy to a minimum. We carried out all the projects here independently, from the planning level to the level of execution on the ground. This is proof that the Tamar Regional Council is a strong and solid authority that is able to deal with any challenge that comes its way.”

    “There is no equal to the Tamar Regional Council anywhere in Israel for projects of such speed and magnitude”.