The six-year school is located along the shores of the Dead Sea at Kibbutz Ein Gedi. The student population is comprised of the Tamar and Megilot populations and boarding school students, which also includes Naala students (immigrant youth) from 9 countries.

The school has 12 classes, 4 of which are special education classes. All students study for matriculation in with a choice of specialized subjects.

The school places the emphasis on learning to study and cultivates the independent learner in the arts, theater, music, radio and cinema. Final projects are presented according to the field of knowledge. There is also a learning center for middle school students and individual instruction for students with learning difficulties. Excellent development programs include enrichment and thinking circles, and science classes number about ten students with the aim of enabling each student to go deeper in these studies.

The unique subjects at the school, as mentioned earlier, enable the enrollment of students from all over the country.  The kibbutz runs the boarding school on site and provides a ‘home away from home’ environment for youth by making use of the kibbutz community and its friendly members, arts and culture committee activities and all the facilities within the grounds.