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    30 days of loved ones being held hostage in Gaza

    The Dead Sea region continues its campaign to shout to the world – FREE THE HOSTAGES NOW. Together with our friends and partners at the Eshkol Regional Council a march was held to mark 30 days of families praying for their loved ones to be returned.


    Our hostages are now over 30 days buried in the tunnels of Gaza being held by a terrorist organization that ‘stole’ them from their own homes in the early hours of the morning on an Israeli holy Sabbath – 7th October,2023. They are now a negotiation tool for the Hamas to get prisoners/ceasefire/even sympathy!! 32 children from the ages of 4 months (now 5 months old) to 17 years old. Women, pensioners, handicapped and sick people. We will never forget these people, and Israel will not rest until every single one of them is home with their loved ones. A lot of activities are held every day and on the 30th day (9.11.23) a procession was held in many districts across the country in honour of the hostages. One and a half hours of walking on the shores of the Dead Sea with refreshments and a ceremony at the end. Blue and white balloons were released to the sky as a symbol of freedom for the hostages.

    This event was organized and sponsored by the Eshkol Regional Council in partnership with Tamar Regional Council.