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    The youth exchange programme was postponed for three years due to the COVID-19 but this year everyone is back in action and with great gusto. Read more to find out what they are all up to …


    A long-standing tradition of youth exchanges between the Tamar Regional Council and Bad Kissingen was renewed this year. These days we are hosting a youth delegation from Bad Kissingen and, together with a delegation of Tamar youth, are traveling throughout Israel. Attached are samples of photos from Qasr El Yehud, Ein Pesha, Yad Vashem, the alleys of the Old City and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

    On Passover Eve the youth met their host families for the first time and sat down to a sumptuous dinner to celebrate the holiday. The programme is packed full of activities in and around the area of Tamar with visits to Masada, hiking in the wadis, visits to the communities, and free time in the swimming pools and Dead sea.

    It was with great pride that they viewed the exhibition at the Avni Theatre Hall in Ein Gedi. The exhibition that began its journey in the town hall in Bad Kissingen and was recently copied and exhibited here in Israel. The exhibition shows the how the relationship has grown throughout the years with the stress on the simiilarities between the two regions. Mr. Neri Areli and his wife Nurit, told the history of the relationship and about their family connection to Bad Kissingen. Under the guidance of the Informal Education Department of the Tamar Regional Council, head, Ms. Anat Bouskila, the visit was a great success. The young students on both sides forged new friendships, understanding of different cultures and customs and are now looking forward to the Tamar youths visit to Germany in the summer.