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    November 2016 saw an event for the history books – swimmers from 25 countries swam the Dead Sea from Jordan to Israel.. A momentous occasion to raise awareness of the plight of the Dead Sea. Read on to learn how the guardians never give up …


    “In every generation one must see himself as though he came out of Egypt” (Exodus 13:8)

    This year we experienced the meaning of this expression.

    Freedom, equality, and justice are apparently not so obvious.

    And as far as the nature around us is concerned, these terms mostly do not exist.

    Until recently, the term ‘environmental justice’ was almost never used, and if it was spoken or applied, it was often perceived by the public as a favour being done to nature, carried out by a minority of extremists for that cause.

    One must understand and internalize – we humans are part of nature and without nature we cannot exist.

    The great effort being made these days to save the Dead Sea, the Jordan River and the surrounding area is no small matter.

    We live in a challenging region and this task is complex, but if we seek to live here and prosper, then it is our duty to make sure that this region will be healthy, fruitful, and prosperous. This is not a ‘nice to have’ mission but first and foremost a strategic vision.

    The Dead Sea, the lowest place on the planet, and the Jordan River, its umbilical cord and a sacred place for billions, have been for decades long forgotten!

    Just imagine how this majestic Sea has been abused, and there has not been a single day since the dawn of our history in which we gave back to it in return.

    Only exploitation has this Sea experienced; it is its reality, and the effects of the damage to it and its environment – who knows?

    The vision of the ‘Dead Sea Guardians’ organization – A healthy and prosperous Dead Sea thanks to the actions we take today.

    The organization took upon itself to change reality and create a new one, one that gives hope to millions of people.

    In the last year we joined forces and established a coalition of environmental organizations for the Dead Sea. We embarked on an outreach and education campaign (educational institutions, organizations, the military, business companies, parties abroad). A committee of advisors and experts was established and soon we will embark on several campaigns. We have an orderly and clear plan that we will implement during the coming year.

    The people of the organization, along with its many partners and volunteers, view themselves as if they left Egypt, crossed the sea, crossed the Jordan River, and reached the promised land, and are now giving back in return. In our actions today we will create a good and stable future, for our sons, daughters, our neighbors, and the mighty nature around us.

    By doing so, together, the people of this country in all its nuances will learn to act together for a sublime and moral goal. This in and of itself is a worthy goal and a path to take.

    We are grateful and glad that you are our partner, and we will be thankful for any assistance and support, until our goal is reached.

    We wish you a meaningful Passover,

    Oded Rahav

    Founder & CEO

    Dead Sea Guardians

    The best time to save the Dead Sea was 20 years ago.

    The next best time is now.

    Your donation to the ‘Guardians of the Dead Sea’ will greatly help in materializing our vision.

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