Views of the Dead Sea - to make you smile!

So much has nature bestowed upon here at the lowest place on earth. The Tamar Regional Council is just waiting to be able to show off to you all.

Rambling 2


Rambling in the Tamar region is a very popular pasttime.  Especially when the weather is pleasant - November through to April - the streems, the mountain valleys, the botanical gardens of Kibbutz Ein Gedi and not forgetting the southern region which is full of surprises:

Rambling 9

Dead Sea northern region:

Moonlight tours of the Amiaz Plain

Nachal Prazim

 Azirunat - Lot's wife

Nahal Zohar

Rambling Botanical Gardens 1

Dead Sea middle region:

Nachal Bokek

Masada National Park

 Masada Museum - amazing, not to be missed

 Havari Masada

Nachal David

Ein Gedi Botanical Gardens

Lots wife 2.JPG

Dead Sea Northern region:

 Nahal Salvador

 Ayane Tzukim Nature Reserve

Between the cliffs of Mount Sodom and the Dead Sea, above a salt cave shrouded in mystery, stands a special pillar of salt.  According to the biblical story, the same mysterious statue is actually Lot's wife, who is described in the book of Genesis in the stories of the revolution of Sodom and Gomorrah in which she became a "salt commissioner". In the biblical story, when God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah due to their sins, he spared Lot and his family and sent two angels to them who ordered them not to look back. As they retreated from Sodom, Lot's wife looked behind her to see if her daughters were following her. "And she saw after her the Shekinah, making a salt marshmallow" - according to the same verse, Lot's wife turned back out of maternal compassion.

The statue in the shape of a salt marshal can be seen on the road to the Dead Sea, along Highway 90 on its western side.

So, if you are passing, there is every reason to stop, take in the clean air, stunning views and enjoy the many activities that Nature has provided for us all.  The Tamar Regional Council welcomes everyone to revel in the majestic, biblical and extraordinary region from the northern end to the southern end of the lake.

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Rambling 3
Rambling 5


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