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    An age old tradition, not forgotten, is still creating interest, smiles and happiness for many people. The good that this skill does has no boundaries.


    Just recently my granddaughter, aged 9 years, asked me to teach her to knit.  Surprised, I readily agreed, although Crochet was more my forte!!  Her little fingers took to the skill quickly and adeptly and in no time we had A SCARF!!!  As we were reminiscing the little booties that grandmothers used to knit for the newborns, I learned of an ongoing project, right here in our community, that was KNITTING FOR A CAUSE

    As part of the values ​​of community and giving, in recent months promotions have been made at the  Baobab House Day Centre for the elderly in Ein Gedi.  The local residents created an inspired tribute for those hospitalized in the various hospitals across the country.  Knitting designed to do good for the soul of the young and old.

    According to Sara Caspi, the director of the Baobab House in Ein Gedi who initiated the knitting project said “It all started when we made a neck warmer for the 12th graders in high school. From there it went on to knitting dolls. We offered them to our friend, Yael Cohen, a member of the kibbutz, who works as a nurse in the pediatric surgery department of

    Hadassah Mount Scopus Hospital. When we gave her the first doll she told us of the excitement and gratitude from the patients and asked us to make more. Doing is our pleasure, with an emphasis on ‘giving’ that expands the heart. The very ability to make mom, dad and of course the children happy is the world for us and gives us a sense of great fulfillment”.

    As a result of the positive feedback ”and flood” of applications for knitting more dolls, the ‘Knitting Patrol’ of

    Baobab house recently sent a large shipment of new dolls for the hospital’s oncology department as well

    Hadassah Ein Kerem.

    It is the little things in life that matter the most and bringing pleasure to our members who create these dolls and to the patients in the hospitals is a ‘win win’ situation and warms all our hearts.