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    After school, national holidays, long summer holidays? What do the youth of Tamar get up to? ………


    The Youth Department of the Tamar Regional Council is an impressive, abundant, and extremely active branch of the Education Department. The council prides itself on providing after school and summer holiday activities and, of course, education for youth from 12 to 18 year olds.

    Under the management of Mrs. Anat Bouskila, a member of kibbutz Ein Gedi, a team of dedicated young adults who are either local or who have postponed their military enrollment in favour of volunteering for one year. These young people are given posts around the country to help with youth in boarding schools or similar and provide them with an enriched activity programme for after school hours and the long summer school vacations. The programme at Tamar is indeed, rich with field trips, youth exchange programmes, clubroom activities and responsibilites, volunteering and/or working in the various communities and businesses such as kindergartens, local shops, communal dining facilities, agriculture, gardening and old age pensioners day centres.

    In addition, there are many outings, visits to other establishments with similar programmes, group sessions involving life lesson activities, and lecturers or professionals who come to talk about life experiences.

    The programme includes the youth from the Ein Gedi Boarding School, the youth of Kibbutz Ein Gedi, Neot HaKikar, Ein Tamar, Har Amasa and Ein Hatzeva.

    Each year is opened and closed with day long celebrations including food trucks, guest performers, games, inflatable bouncy houses (castles) different style parties for example a headphone party and a lot more. The summer months – the ultimate activity time – involves Summer Camp, Excursions up and down the country – getting to know their land, seminars on various fascinating subjects including empowering women subjects, science, money matters and much more.

    The youth exchange programme is to Bad Kissingen. At Passover time the youth of the small Bavarian town visit Tamar and in July the Tamar youth visit Bad Kissingen. This programme has been running for many years and is extrememly successful, This kind of exchange enables all the youth involved to learn about different cultures, different religions and different customs. It gives the youth an understanding and tolerance of others which today is vital for success in the big wide world.

    To all the young adults involved in this amazing programme the Tamar council thanks you for your patience, creativeness, and dedication. Keep up the great work.