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    “To make one old dream come true, it takes a million dreamers who don’t close their eyes…”

    From all the preparations in the summer for a new school year to the devastating 7th October. Education is still the forefront of production for the Tamar Regional Council.


    “To make one old dream come true, it takes a million dreamers who don’t close their eyes…” Ehud Manor

    In the council including the education department – a little less than a million dreamers, but we try to keep our eyes open every day – our aim is to make the dream come true. We dream and dream of continuing to develop an optimal education system that grows children and youth and all those involved in the work of education. An education system that works to maintain the protection and safety of the children and creates an educational environment that encourages curiosity, asking questions and learning, that fosters love for man, nature and the country. An environment that develops compassion and respect for others and for myself and encourages positive communication.

    We keep our eyes open to see the good and the beautiful in each of the boys and girls. To see the strengths and act from them to overcome the challenges and obstacles on the way, to realize themselves, to strive for excellence, to lead and lead in a variety of ways.

    A new school year has opened, you can still feel the excitement in the air, alongside daily activities and a gradual entry into the activity and learning routine.

    During the summer, the education teams and all the partners worked to prepare and open the year in the best way: including recruiting teams, building systems and an annual activity plan, preparation days, preparing the learning spaces and curricula, and more. In the framework of social education and the youth department, summer is the peak period of activity, including trips, camps and a variety of other activities, and this year also the youth delegation to Bad Kissingen. In the summer, the school of the great vacation and the kindergartens were also active, and of course the transportation department and the drivers who continued to safely transport all the students throughout the council and throughout the country – for trips and the multitude of activities.

    During the summer, all the departments in the council – our partners and partners – worked hard and toiled in preparation for the opening of the year: in construction, renovation, accessibility, planning, obtaining approvals and budgets, in joint thinking, in absorbing teams and in a host of areas that are usually hidden from view and take place behind the scenes. This is the time to thank each and every one of you – without you, we could not act to fulfill the educational dream.

    This is the time to congratulate and appreciate the directors of education in the council for the partnership along the way and for the ongoing efforts to deepen the connections and connections between the various frameworks that surround the children throughout the day.

    I wish everyone a good and sweet year of activities and studies – a year of dreaming and fulfilment – and everything in between.

    Hadas Nagar-Turgeman

    Director of the Education Department

    How far we have erred from this optimistic, happy approach to a new school year. The 7th October changed our lives forever. We are now in turmoil, chaos psychologically and fright and worry for our children. But Hadas and her hardy team didn’t let the war kill her energy or motivation. New schools, hundreds of new, unexpected students of all ages, each and every one with issues of loss, tradegy, trauma and worry over the unknown. The education department of the Tamar Regional council came through with the help of many – other local municipalities, government offices, donations, volunteers and goodwill from across the country – and provided the maximum services, education and social welfare.

    Once again the Tamar council’s residents, employees and professionals came together to provide as much normality as possible to all the evacuees and bereaved families.