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    Foreign Ambassadors in Israel are part of a CLUB! Read on to understand the dedication of Israeli citizens to exposing every corner of Israel to the diplomats leaving them with a taste of more for our lovely land.


    The Ambassadors’ Club of Israel (ACI) is an independent, non governmental and non-profit organization, which aims to provide Heads of Foreign Diplomatic missions in Israel with a forum where they can meet in an informal atmosphere with Honorary Consuls, representing more than 100 countries, as well as with Israeli figures from various sectors of society such as business, technology, academia, the arts, etc.

    Members of the Ambassadors’ Club of Israel include:

    • Foreign Ambassadors and Heads of Missions in Israel.
    • Honorary Consuls representing Foreign Countries in Israel.
    • Honorary members, Israeli businessmen and women.

    ACI is the brainchild of Ambassador Yitzhak Eldan, who prior to his retirement from Israel’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs, after a 41-year career as a diplomat, served for seven years as the Ministry’s Chief of Protocol. The initial concept of the ACI was the product of a “meeting of the minds” of several Ambassadors and Honorary Consuls who identified the need for the diplomatic community to be better acquainted with Israel’s complexities, and who sought a less official framework in which to network with Israelis.

    ACI brings diplomats and Israelis together in an environment conducive to their diverse interests, provides a platform for the Ambassadors to present themselves and their countries from whatever standpoint they choose. By that, ACI also helps Israelis to gain a better understanding of the many countries represented in Israel.

    Just recently Ofra and I (International Relations Department of the Tamar Council) had the pleasure and privilege of attending a ACI reception for all the foreign diplomats and at the same time attend the opening of the Jerusalem Film Festival celebrating 40 years.  The event was wonderful.  The film screened was ‘GOLDA’ starring Helen Mirren as Golda Meir.  The story was of the Yom Kippur War which caught Israel by surprise and almost cost her h er existence.  The event was attended by Helen Mirren, Oliver Stone, Guy Nattiv and other well-known characters in the film industry and the President of Israel, Mr. Isaac Herzog.

    The Tamar Regional Council is proud to have an ongoing friendly relationship with the ACI and is planning, for the second time, a seminar for the diplomats at the Dead Sea in November, 2023.  The importance of exposing the foreign representatives to every corner of our complex and beautiful country is vital for enabling the two governments to have understanding and tolerance.  It can promote tourism to Israel, investment in Israel and strong, reliable diplomatic relationships.  Yitzhak Eldan, President of the ACI and who is at the helm of the friendship between Tamar and the ACI have been long standing associates and we look forward to hosting again in November as part of the ACI’s study tour throughout the country programme.