Not only are its waters unique, but so is the very atmosphere above it: there is an atmospheric pressure high enough to filter the sun’s harmful UV rays, more oxygen than at sea level, and more calming bromine in the air around the Dead Sea than anywhere else on earth.

Desert, salty water, black mud, sulphur water, desert wildlife and flora, extreme climate, high oxygen levels all together create a unique environment that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

The water level of the Dead Sea drops by more than one meter per year. Thousands of sinkholes, sudden strong rainfall events and flash floods are, among others, the challenges facing the population and the environment in the region.

The Dead Sea extends over 90 km in the north-south direction in an unique scenery of desert, semi-desert and oases – more than 420 m below the sea level at the lowest land site on earth. The region constitutes an "open-air laboratory" for climatologists and environmental scientists as well as geoscientists.

The ‘open-air, natural spa’ is unbelievably calming and serene, the historical story that the area tells is fascinating, the flora and fauna are not found anywhere else in the world, the geological and geographical aspects are interesting and challenging.  In other words, a place that should never be missed.