The veteran residents of Neot HaKikar and Ein Tamar have, in recent months, enjoyed a variety of special activities within Beit Bereshit (Genesis), a social / cultural institution, which is home to dozens of residents of the community who are still in pow

The house is located in the heart of the settlement "in the fortress" - a historic building that was used in the early years of the community as a home for the young settlers and later as the elementary school in the square.

In its new format, Neot HaKikar and Ein Tamar residents enjoy quality content activities. For example, recently a fascinating lecture by the author Meir Shalev, to which tens of residents from the two communities eagerly listened.

The house is open two to three times a week in the morning and afternoon, jointly run by Corin Tueyu and Jenny Eben, who tell of a unique place that provides its members with a vibrant friendship and community connection. They emphasize that "Beit Genesis" is a place for “people young at heart.”

They also note: "We are happy to hold a host of events throughout the year for the benefit of residents, from listening to interesting lectures, to having shared breakfasts every Tuesday, (which members cook themselves with local produce), and to meeting with the younger generation - our future generation.”

Other activities include a knitting class, a creative writing class, sessions for female and male empowerment, and dedicated wellness classes for advancing years. There are several lectures scheduled throughout the year, usually conducted by members of the Moshavs who tell tales of their travels, hobbies or life experiences.   All the activities, it should be noted, are on a volunteer basis.

In addition, in recent months, members of the "Beit Bereshit" house also went on a number of trips, including to Be'er Sheva, the Middle Arava, and even managed to go on a joint trip with members of the Baubaub house in Ein Gedi to Yatir region.


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